A great day of achievements in TRANSTEC

Wednesday 17 April 2019 from 10:00 – 3:00 pm was a day of achievements and success for TRANSTEC; its staff members and clients.

TRANSTEC has successfully passed the 2nd surveillance ISO certification audit for two recurrent standards; ISO 17100 on Translation services – requirements, ISO 9001 on Quality Management System, and the newly added Standard ISO 18587 on Post-editing a machine translation output.

For the third consecutive year, TRANSTEC is improving, developing and achieving.

“Every year, I notice a great change towards development, improvement of processes and enhanced performance in TRANSTEC, thanks for the management of the company, supported by enthusiasm and due diligence of the team members in TRANSTEC”, Said Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, the Middle East Director of the Austrian Standards Institute, Vienna, and the Lead Auditor carried out the on-site three audits at TRANSTEC for the past three years, commenting on the concrete and remarkable developments made to the operations, company structure and objectives. These improvements resulted in improvement of production, enhanced performance, and great authenticity to the company’s operations, staff development and customer satisfaction.

At the end of the very exciting day, TRANSTEC team members celebrating their success and achievement, enjoying a light snacks and beverages while taking photos documenting their success and achievement.