Welcome to Transtec Translation Company

Over the course of more than 15 years of hard work and diligence in providing high quality professional translation services and commitment to accuracy and credibility, our efforts have culminated in the adoption of ISO certification by LICS ISO 17100 with S-000785 and TUV Austria ISO 9001: 2015, which was the product of the company's work in the field of providing translation services for the Arabic translation market and abroad through a firm and deep focus on achieving maximum accuracy and quality in the work submitted to a large list of customers from different Arab and foreign countries.
Trans-Tech offers translation services, mainly English, Arabic, English, and some of the most widely spoken languages worldwide.

Over 12 years in translation and localization market serving local, regional and international translation markets.

LICS, Austrian Standards+ ISO 17100 on Translation Service Requirements certified translation service provider.

LICS, Austrian Standards+ ISO 18587 on Post Editing of Machine Translation Output requirements, certified translation service provider.

TUV Austria ISO 9001 on Quality Management System certified.

Remarkable prequalification for local, regional and international organizations.

Remarkable expertise in legal, financial, technical and general domains of translation.

Technology-oriented and use automation in our all our work processes.

Client-oriented and working with the client to reduce cost, save effort, time and provide the highest quality service, in addition to post-sale services.

A one-stop-shop for all language-related services needs.

Expanding into more content-related including transcreation, copy writing, marketing translation, copy editing, and content creation.

Competent through a talent-based recruitment process, target the highly qualified and competent calibers to maintain quality and care for client interests and projects.

Highly motivated and exceed expectations for all language-related services’ needs.

July 2007


Incorporation of TRANSTEC certified translation at Tahrir Street, Dokki, Giz.

July 2007

April 2010

Nasr City Branch

Opening the first branch at Nasr City, 1 Abdul Hamid Shuman, Abbas Al-Aqqad

June 2015

New Administrative Premises

Opening the new administrative premises at 1 Hafez Ramadan, Nasr City, Cairo

June 2015

April 2016

Obtaining ISO 17100

Obtaining the ISO certification (ISO 17100: 2015 on Translation Services-Requirements)

April 2016

Obtaining ISO 9001

Obtaining the ISO certification (ISO 9001: 2015 on Quality Management Systems)

April 2016

October 2018

Launching Localization Unit

Launching the TRANSTEC Localization Unit serving international localization clients, and MLVs

March 2019

Obtaining ISO 18587

Obtaining the ISO Certification (ISO 18587: 2017 on Requirements for Post-Editing of Machine Translation Output)

March 2019

April 2019

Tahrir Square Branch

Opening the GrEEK Campus branch, close to American University in Cairo and Tahrir Square

June 2019

Launching Technical Branch

Opening the technical branch at Gamalul-Din Dewidar Street, opposite to ENPI, End of Abbas Al-Aqqad Street

June 2019